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Spring is in the air and you certainly dream of a sunbath and a long relaxing walk along the sea. But you're looking for a place where it would be safe for your family to swim. A lake would be a good option but you wouldn't have the relaxing noise of the waves. Today, I will introduce you the perfect place that combines all of this and even more. Let me introduce you one of the most beautiful lakes in the World : Soustons marine lake, in the department of Landes.


most beautiful lakes in the World Soustons

Close to the parking "port d'Albret


Soustons marine lake is a perfect place for a safe bath.


Each time we have been there, the lake passed the ultimate test successfully.


What is the ultimate test ? Simple : if westie Jahan goes in the water and have a bath, you can be sure there's no danger ! Jahan is very afraid of waves and current, even tiny ones. The marine lake is his favourite place for a bath. He likes this place so much that, each time we are close to the water, he goes for a bath again and again.


The water is not very profound and it goes up slowly.


Even if you don't want to spend your whole time in the water with the kids, there are a lot of white sandy beaches to relax, playing games, have a picnic, etc. There are also a lot of trees, especially pines if you prefer the shadow.


Marine Lake Soustons

White sand, calm water, trees and sand dunes for a perfect day


The most beautiful area to stay for a while is certainly "Port d'Albret" in Soustons. It's both a quiet and green place, with a view of the sand dunes and the island in the middle of the lake.



Soustons marine lake is also the perfect place for a beautiful walk.


Each time we go there, we can't resist making the whole 4 kilometres turn around the lake.


We generally park the car in Port d'Albret. After Jahan's bath, we walk with the lake on our left. Depending on the heat, we stop at several beaches.


Note : Before arriving in Vieux Boucau, you will cross a little wooden bridge on the Huchet's stream. This stream is famous for its landscapes as the vegetation is spectacular. It's a natural reserve you can visit by boat (there are still some boatmen) or by foot.


The part of the lake in Vieux-Boucau is less wild but just as delightful. There's a lot of wooden paths, flowers, benches.



The restaurants also have a beautiful terrace opposite to Port d'Albret where the buildings are metallic.


Soustons marine lake goes directly into the ocean.


After the restaurants and cafés of Vieux Boucau, you will arrive close to the ocean. You have several choices : having a bath in the part going to the ocean (beware of the water that can suddenly increase if they open the dam); going along the ocean; crossing the dam to continue your walk.


Soustons marine lake


Soustons marine lake between the lake and the ocean.


The last part of the walk is very green again. On your left, you will have a lot of trees and white beaches. On your right, the wildness of the vegetation along Huchet's stream, and the sand dunes hiding the ocean.





There are plenty of things to do here apart swimming : fishing, paddling, boating, cycling, looking the sunset, sailing, running...


How to go, where to stay.


The area is not very easy to visit if you don't have your own vehicle.


If you want to stay along the lake, there are several holidays rentals and clubs, and a big parking (Port d'Albret) for the camper vans.


Booking.com also proposes 12 hotels in Soustons.


It's situated at 25 kms / 35 minutes from our house.




April-May is the time of "le Printemps des Landes". This festival of spring offers a lot of guided visits and attractions for one month.


We were there on the 10th of April, and it was the week-end of the tulip festival. As it was in the center of Soustons, we have preferred to enjoy our time along the lake then reach the center by car around 5pm to look at the tulip chariots on the parking close to the arenas.





I had my lunch in "L'O.DI.CE" restaurant. Though my home burger was really great, I was disappointed by my dessert and the high price. It was supposed to be a lime mousse on the shortbread, and a home sorbet. I couldn't recognise the lime, and the sorbet was an unidentified flavour ice-cream...


I hope you enjoyed this walk with us and now also want to enjoy our favourite marine lake in the area. Will you visit the most beautiful lake of Landes department during your next visit in the Southwest of France?




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6 thoughts on “A Marine Lake in the South of Landes : Soustons

    • Stephanie Post author

      Patricia, I live in the southwest since 2000 and the only places I knew in Landes were Dax (for professional reasons only), Mont-de-Marsan because one of my best friends live there, and Hossegor. Even when I was living in Anglet, I didn’t know my new department! Who is the most shameful 😉 ?

    • Stephanie Post author

      I was living so close to Landes (15 minutes) for years and didn’t know so much either! The more shameful part is that my grandfather was from this area. I call it “Gascogne” and I just discovered this name normally doesn’t exist since centuries. The biggest part of Gascogne was the actual department of Landes and Gers (where my grandfather was born and my parents now live). The famous musqueteer D’Artagnan was from the Gers. Although I was born and raised in the north of France, I always felt closer to this area.