Experts’ interview: the best places for your holidays in France 5

A few months ago, I’ve interviewed ten foreigners about French people and hospitality in France.I wanted to get their honest opinion about us and our hospitality as we often hear a lot of stereotypes.Read first this article if you’re afraid to come on holidays in France.  For this second interview, a few other foreign travelers joined […]

Holidays in France in the village of the chilli

Via Crucis Vivente Balmaseda

The complete guide to the fascinating Via Crucis of Balmaseda 2

The actors of the traditional Via Crucis Vivente (alive Station of Cross) of Balmaseda in the Spanish Basque province of Biscaye are the inhabitants of the city.More than 500 people participate in the organisation of the festival.On Maundy Thursday’s evening, there’s a big procession around the city with the roman guards, the penitents and the […]

Riomaggiore village in Cinque Terre Italy

How to visit the picturesque Cinque Terre: the ultimate guide 14

How to visit the picturesque Cinque Terre: the ultimate guide Cinque Terre is one of these little gems not far from France, where it's good to have a break. Even if I took no real time to prepare my trip, a quick message on one of my Facebook group gave me the best tips I [...]

Should you be afraid of the behaviour of French people 47

As a French traveler and open minded person, I often hear the foreigners saying “French people are rude”, “French people are not friendly”, “French people don’t want to speak English”, “you’re so different from the other French people”, etc. Right, my English is quite fluent though my accent is worse and worse because of my trip […]

Biarritz villa Belza

Grilled squids basque recipe

Basque recipe: chipirons à la Luzienne – grilled squids 12

  A few days ago, one of my friends asked me the recipe of the grilled squids. As an Indian living in the USA, he’s familiar with the fried squids and needs a change. I can easily understand as this Spanish recipe is quite greasy. Even if it’s a delicious starter, it’s not the best […]

The main beach of Biarritz in the Basque country France

What to do and see in Biarritz episode 1: La Grande Plage 30

 Even if you have never heard about the Basque Country area, you certainly already have heard about the famous town of Biarritz.The town of 26 000 inhabitants called “Biarrots” is situated at 25 kilometres from Spain and is part of the BAB (Bayonne – Anglet – Biarritz) area. Biarritz is famous for many reasons: Napoleon III […]

Gastronomy: The Complete Guide to the Best Basque Food 37

A trip around the Basque country wouldn’t be complete without tasting the Basque food. The Southwest of France offers a lot for food lovers. In the Basque country, people are called “bon vivant”, enjoying life, food, parties… So today, I’ll introduce you the best basque food. You will find some entrance dishes, cheese, desserts and local recipes.

Pintxos Tapas Basque Food