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French Food is known all around the world for its quality, flavour and finesse. Find the best restaurants, markets and food tours to try the best delicacies.

Basque recipe: chipirons à la Luzienne – grilled squids 12

  A few days ago, one of my friends asked me the recipe of the grilled squids. As an Indian living in the USA, he’s familiar with the fried squids and needs a change. I can easily understand as this Spanish recipe is quite greasy. Even if it’s a delicious starter, it’s not the best […]

Grilled squids basque recipe

Pintxos Tapas Basque Food

Gastronomy: The Complete Guide to the Best Basque Food 37

A trip around the Basque country wouldn’t be complete without tasting the Basque food. The Southwest of France offers a lot for food lovers. In the Basque country, people are called “bon vivant”, enjoying life, food, parties… So today, I’ll introduce you the best basque food. You will find some entrance dishes, cheese, desserts and local recipes.