Places to visit

Explore the best places to visit in France, in the South.

I will introduce you :

  • the most typical villages,
  • the most interesting small towns,
  • some exciting French cities,
  • the most beautiful natural sites,
  • some museums and monuments not to miss,
  • the best places for shopping, including luxury shops in Biarritz,
  • some wine tours and caves to visit,
  • the nearby Spain.

The main beach of Biarritz in the Basque country France

What to do and see in Biarritz episode 1: La Grande Plage 30

 Even if you have never heard about the Basque Country area, you certainly already have heard about the famous town of Biarritz.The town of 26 000 inhabitants called “Biarrots” is situated at 25 kilometres from Spain and is part of the BAB (Bayonne – Anglet – Biarritz) area. Biarritz is famous for many reasons: Napoleon III […]

St Guilhem le desert

Places to Visit around Montpellier : St Guilhem le desert 24

I recently had the opportunity to return to St Guilhem le desert, a beautiful perched village I fell in love with when I was a teenager. Situated at 35 kilometres from Montpellier, St Guilhem shouldn’t be missed during your next trip in the area. All the roads to go there have magnificent landscapes, and it’s […]