Travel Tips

My best travel tips for your trip to France.

You will find :

  • some itineraries,
  • a highlight of the cultural differences,
  • information on the climate,
  • health’s information,
  • transportation,
  • the specificities of the regions,
  • formalities.

Experts’ interview: the best places for your holidays in France 5

EXPERTS’ INTERVIEW: THE BEST PLACES FOR YOUR HOLIDAYS IN FRANCE 1 This article is the second part of the international experts’ interview about France. 10 foreign travelers talk about their favourite place for your next holidays in France and give their best tips. A few months ago, I’ve interviewed ten foreigners about French people and hospitality […]

Holidays in France in the village of the chilli

Should you be afraid of the behaviour of French people 47

SHOULD YOU BE AFRAID OF THE BEHAVIOUR OF FRENCH PEOPLE 1 This article breaks the French stereotypes about French people, hospitality in France and the fact that French people don’t want to speak English. It will help you to enjoy your holidays in France as a local. As a French traveler and open minded person, […]

Biarritz villa Belza