Frequently asked question: How to plan my trip to France

Frequently asked question: How to plan my trip to France?

As a foreigner wanting to visit France, you certainly often ask yourself this question: "how to plan my trip to France?" There are so many websites offering various information, that you don't know where to start. This is the exact reason why I launched my travel service in the South of France.


As a traveller fond of the cultural differences, I know how it can be challenging to find the right information. As a Customer-centric person, I always adopt the attitude of a stranger, even in my area. I try to forget I'm familiar with the place and think as someone who discovers it for the first time.


Bayonne cathedral

Bayonne's cathedral from the quays


#1. Why it's not so easy to plan my trip to France


Unfortunately, my conclusion on France is not so good for many reasons. Here are a few ones:


  • The road signs are only in French.


  • It's challenging to both check the constant changes of the speed limit and signs.


  • French people are not so good in speaking foreign languages.


  • The signs for the attractions are often only in French.


  • Without speaking with local people, it's difficult to find the little gems that will make a great trip.


  • French menus are often only in French.


TIP: As I can be biased as a French, I asked 10 experts on France from different countries to answer an interview on their trip and give their tips to enjoy France.


#2. How Travels France can help me to plan my trip to France


I don't only explore Asia, but also my own country, thinking of your special needs. This is the best way to find the best  places for you and give the best tips. My dream would be to write about everything on my blog but unfortunately, time is too short! That's why I answer the questions of the subscribers of my newsletter for free (you'll get my email address together with my ultimate guide to France).

I have worked for the French railway company for 18 years, so I know plenty of tips about travelling by train in France and Europe.

I often help my friends to plan their trip around Europe, so I can also give you some tips for the flights and how to organise your schedule the more efficiently.


#3. What if I want to plan my trip to the South of France


For people who want to explore the South of France, I rent an independent flat for 4/5 persons in my house in the South of Landes, one of the most beautiful areas to plan your trip to France.


I won't only provide the accommodation but will give you all the tips you need for your whole trip inside and outside my area. If you wish me to guide you around, I'll also do it for free (with your own or rented vehicle). It's a very special launching offer, as in 2017, people will have to pay for the accommodation and guiding.


If you want to experience the local food sometimes, we will buy some from my favourite local shops, prepare and eat it together.


That will be a global experience of the Art of Life "à la française".