Who am I?


I’m Stéphanie Langlet, the founder of travelsfrance.com. I’m a 42-year-old French-born, raised in the North of France, luckily living in the beautiful Southwest I can’t stop exploring.


I love to learn about festivals and traditional culture everywhere in the World and spend as much time as possible travelling for this purpose and helping its preservation, especially here and in Asia. You can also learn more about my travelling style on my other blog Tribes and Minorities.


Stéphanie Langlet et les H'mongs noirs

In Northern Vietnam with the minorities




After my graduation in Law, I joined the French Railway Company as a commercial manager. For many years, I really enjoyed learning so much, to make people give the best of themselves… and to work hard. Unfortunately, step by step, the values I shared with the companies weren’t followed anymore by the new Direction. I suffered from a severe burn-out. It was time to think about what I really wanted to do from my life!


I won’t pretend that burn-out is great. More and more people say it’s awesome to be “burned out”. They definitively don’t know what is a real burn-out. But it gave me the opportunity to work on the projects I already thought about before. And these projects helped me to overcome my burn-out.




It was obvious I couldn’t share the new vision of my company. I had to resign, but before that, I had to find my own way.


As a commercial manager, my favourite activity was to spend time with my team solving the problems of our customers. I always wanted the travellers to have an awesome experience of the french hospitality and I had a great time turning stressed, sometimes angry customers, into happy travellers. I always chose the foreigners and hardest cases to help.


I was also very lucky to buy a house made of two flats.


So I decided to spend the best season (from May to October) proposing private trips around the south of France to foreigners speaking English. A perfect way to combine my passion for hospitality, travel, culture, and help people.




Sure, I could have made a website only to propose my tours.


But each traveller is different : some of you will need my private guiding to explore my country, some will only want to rent my flat when some will only need insiders tips and will go on their own.


Some will want to try the local food when others will want / need to prepare their own food.


And you know what? I love each kind of you! As a solo traveller, I won’t blame you if you only want my advice and go by yourself; and you’re most welcome if you need free information: it will be my pleasure to help you if I’m able!


I also know how it can be difficult for foreigners to travel in France. French people are not very comfortable with English, that will sometimes make you feel we are rude. This attitude is generally due to the stress of speaking English.


There are also some cultural differences you can be afraid of. I’m also there to help you understand and deal with it.


Did You get it? My purpose is to make your experience in France awesome, easy and unforgettable! That’s why I will hide you none of my tips and favourite places.


When I travel, local people always make everything for me; and I want to do the same for you. This is my way of paying forward the kindness of all these awesome people I met. I want you to experience the real France and our hospitality.


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