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30.03.17 Update: Preparation of my three next trips.

Contact me if you want me to review your hotel, restaurant, activity (if it fits my brand), write an article for your magazine, shot a special place during these trips:


  • Paris: from the 27th of April to the 3rd of May.


  • Basque Country / Gascony with 2 Food Trippers, a famous American food blogger couple in September.


  • India or Japan in October / November. I'm still hesitating on my destination, both the country and area.
San Juan de Gaztelugatxe in Biscaye Basque province

02.03.17 Update: creation of my Facebook group to promote the traditional festivals

 I've just created the group "Promotion of the traditional festivals".

The aim is to spread awareness about the traditional festivals of the World and help its preservation.

Join us and promote the festivals you know!

Bali Ubud

Articles' updates

 As I'm launching the French version of Travels France, I've updated two English articles with the reasons why you should follow the recommendations I give in these posts:

PLACES TO VISIT AROUND MONTPELLIER: ST GUILHEM LE DESERT (I also added a few links to the places I mention).


Abbey of Gellone

Carnivals' time

Carnival's season begins very early in the Basque Country.

The first event is the Tamborrada in San Sebastian, which announces the opening of the carnivals.

Then come the fascinating carnivals of Navarre and a few interesting ones in France.

Westie Jahan and I have been very busy enjoying and shooting the carnivals.


Don't miss these new videos:

Carnival Ituren Zubieta (main characters: the Joaldunaks, dressed with animals' skins and big bells).

Bera Carnival 2017 - Inudeak eta artzaiak ("nurses and shepherds" but in Bera the nurses are the boys and the shepherds the girls!).

Carnival Lantz 2017 - Lantzeko inauteriak (one of the most famous. The characters are Miel Otxin, the bandit. Ziripot, a big man that Zaldiko (the horseman) and the Txatxos (inhabitants of the village wearing some colourful clothes and animals' skins) put on the ground and hit. The arotzaks (blacksmiths who put Zaldiko's horseshoes. They arrest Miel Otxin on Monday and burn him on Tuesday evening).

Hartzaren Eguna - carnival Saint Jean de Luz (in the coastal town of Saint Jean de Luz in France. One week before the carnival, it's the day of the bear "hartza" in the basque language. There's a procession and some dances with the traditional characters of the Basque festivals from France). 

Kaskarots Briscous 2017 (in a small village of France, Briscous. This one goes from mid-January to the end of February. Dances and quests).

Hasparren (Giants and Joaldunaks).

Lantz inauteriak

A new videos' series: hiking in the Basque Country

As we regularly hike and the weather was good this winter, I've started to record our hikes.


New video:

Penas d'Isuchi from Bidarray.

Two beaches of the area awarded by Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor announced the beaches that have been elected as the most beautiful ones.

La Concha, in San Sebastian (Spain), is the most beautiful in Europe and the 6th in the World.

La Côte des Basques, in Biarritz (France), is the most beautiful one in France.

New food tour

I've launched a chocolate tour for Valentine Day.

Of course, the tour can be done all year round.

Here are the video and the tour.

It takes place in Bayonne, the French capital of the chocolate and the Venice of the Basque Country.

Bayonne cathedral

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