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Basque recipe: chipirons à la Luzienne – grilled squids 13

HOW TO COOK THE FAMOUS GRILLED SQUIDS AS A BASQUE CHEF 1 ONE OF THE MOST FAMOUS RECIPES OF THE BASQUE COUNTRY: CHIPIRONS A LA LUZIENNE   A few days ago, one of my friends asked me the recipe of the grilled squids. As an Indian living in the USA, he’s familiar with the fried […]

Grilled squids basque recipe

Pintxos Tapas Basque Food

Gastronomy: The Complete Guide to the Best Basque Food 37

GASTRONOMY: THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO THE BEST BASQUE FOOD 1 The Best Basque Food A trip around the Basque country wouldn’t be complete without tasting the Basque food. The Southwest of France offers a lot for food lovers. In the Basque country, people are called “bon vivant”, enjoying life, food, parties…   So today, I’ll […]